SINCE 1948

Downey Electric, Inc., an electrical contracting company, was established in 1948 by Robert Stillman. Since its inception in the industry, Downey’s management has maintained its belief of high quality, fair pricing and personal attention to all phases of each job.

Downey Electric Inc believes that the key to providing quality work is maintaining a qualified and competent staff both in management and in the field. The company selected its staff based not only on experience, but also on the way they work to get the “preferred quality” of a finished project. Downey’s foremen have each worked for the Company for many years, and have been personally selected by management from the field. Each foreman is encouraged to participate in quality control by discussing their progress throughout the job with management.

Downey treats each project with personal attention and extensive follow through regardless of size. We remain on the job until it is 100% complete. Downey’s staff meets regularly to make sure everything is on track and no detail has been overlooked. It is our belief that Customers should be assured of prompt and informed answers to their queries.

Through the years, Downey has gained the reputation for its high standards, quality and professionalism in the numerous jobs it has undertaken. Indeed after 6 decades, Downey is still on the top of electrical industry which is now managed by Robert Stillman’s grandson.